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Port of Mission's
Food Pantry

Help Us Stock Our Food Pantry Through Our Amazon Wish List

Port of Mission Outreach Ministries is dedicated to providing a safety net for individuals and families facing homelessness or dealing with emergencies like house fires. Our Food Pantry is a cornerstone of our effort to provide immediate relief in times of crisis. By purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List, you’re directly aiding in providing nutritious meals to those in dire need. Each item on this list plays a part in not just filling empty stomachs, but also in restoring hope during challenging times. Your support is invaluable in creating a nurturing space for our community members to rebound from adversity. Browse through the list, make a donation, and stand with us as we strive to uplift those facing life’s unexpected hurdles. Thank you for your compassion and generosity!

Note: Your shipping address will be called "Port Of Missions Outreach's Gift Registry Address" located in your shipping Address section.

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