Serving The Community

“Delivering Hope, Help,and Healing To Meet The Needs of Our Community ”  

Port of Missions is passionate in providing a helping hand to create meaningful opportunities that will strengthen individuals and communities.  We continue to dedicate our time, energy, and resources to create positive change in the Milwaukee area neighborhoods.

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Port Of Missions Outreach Ministries
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Housing and Shelter
Food Ministries


The Food Pantry is stocked with donated non-perishable food items. Donated food or monetary gifts come from corporate grocer donations, government programs such as the USDA, local food drives, or personal gifts to the Pantry.

Clothing Ministries


The Clothing Closet is filled with donated new or gently used clothing. Donated clothing is provided by individuals, donations by corporate retail organizations, or through monetary donations with which needed items are purchased.

Bible Study Ministries


Bible study is essential to our Christian walk.   As we study God's Word, our personal relationship with God grows deeper and deeper.  It empowers us to live for the Lord in every aspect of our lives. This is what has inspired us to do a weakly Bible study.

Job Training/Placement

The United States is still feeling the devastating effects of the Great Recession that started over four years ago. The harsh economic climate has been draining, especially to those who have lost a job or are still searching. While things have slowly begun to turn around, it’s still a struggle for millions of Americans. It’s even harder for those who lack education and viable work experience. Resources that provide guidance in job searching, networking, and educational opportunities are crucial in today’s market.


Port of Missions aim to helping the poor, homeless, and unskilled individuals in the Milwaukee metropolitan area to find employment. We provide training programs, job search assistance, and job coaching to any person who needs it. The goal of Port of Missions is to help disadvantaged populations find and ultimately retain employment.

Spiritual Counseling


The counseling services we provide are always growing as we become aware of the many needs in the Body of Christ and the burden these needs place upon the local church. We provide a variety of services to meet the counseling needs of the Body of Christ and the community. Below is a list of our treatment areas:


  • Individual Counseling - To help adults cope with mental health issues, resolve conflicts, and grow emotionally and spiritually.


  • Marriage Counseling - To help couples resolve conflicts, preserve marriages, and grow in intimacy.


  • Family Counseling - To help families resolve parent-child conflicts, cope with child-focused problems, and understand and support each other.


  • Group Counseling - To help individuals find support in others who are coping with similar issues.


  • Child-Centered Counseling - To help children cope with family changes and emotional problems and build social and behavioral skills.


  • Personal Coaching - Provide one-on-one help to individuals seeking more personalized assistance to be successful in both personal and professional relationships.


  • Addictions Counseling – To help individuals examine compulsive behaviors that are interfering with their everyday life functioning and learn to make more healthy choices for themselves.


  • Pre-Marital Counseling - To help couples prepare for marriage, learn communication and conflict skills, and grow in their relationship.


  • On-Site Counseling – Counselors can be contracted to provide counseling at your site for special events.


  • Staff Development - POM has a program to help leaders develop staff enrichment and productivity among employees.


  • Consultation - POM is equipped to assist you with information and tools to help you work through conflict, address difficult challenges and be more effective in your position.


  • Partnership with Churches - Learn what options we have available to help members in your congregation.


  • Educational Programs - Seminars, workshops, and retreats on various topics for specific audiences.


Affordable Housing

Port of Missions strives to be the central intake point for anyone in Milwaukee metropolitan area who is experiencing a housing crisis. Today, every county or region has an agency that has been assigned this role. We provide a centralized approach to identifying the most helpful resources for those facing a housing crisis, whether that be:


  • Homelessness prevention assistance for those at imminent risk of homelessness


  • Housing search assistance for anyone seeking to secure stable, affordable housing


  • Rapid re-housing assistance for those currently homeless


  • Referral to shelter services or other housing assistance


  • Referral to other supportive services that can help to stabilize housing

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